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Stoneybrook Leaders in Aviation Education 

Stoneybrook are a wholly New Zealand-owned provider of web-based training for the Airline Industry. We take immense pride in delivering superior courses that are comprehensively researched and constantly evolving to meet the latest requirements.  Our Pilot Theory Courses are designed for both aeroplanes and helicopters, to provide all necessary NZCAA subject material without the unnecessary bells and whistles. We also offer online courses for the aviation industry applicable to Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Maintenance Staff and Ground Staff.  These aviation industry courses are offered online, providing an accessible and convenient means of gaining the knowledge and certification for a wide range of awareness training courses. Our system will keep track of your course progress and database individual qualifications for reference and auditing.

Stoneybrook Training & Ardmore Flying School

In collaboration, Stoneybrook Training and Ardmore Flying School have acquired the Contract Aircrew Training Ltd Industry Training Courses. This strategic acquisition will leverage Contract Aircrew Training's expertise to strengthen Stoneybrook's position as a leader in aviation education. Our goal is to ensure the continuing provision of aviation industry courses for individual staff and training schools, to charter operators, scheduled airlines and freight operations. The new Aviation Industry Courses will integrate with the current offerings under the Ardmore Flying School Part 141 Training certificate TR 12757-2.


Our association with Ardmore Flying School ensures that any applicable courses are provided by a NZCAA Part 141 Accredited Training Provider. Individuals and organisations interested in aviation training can explore the enhanced course offerings resulting from this collaboration from the AVIATION INDUSTRY COURSES link above . Stoneybrook Training and Ardmore Flying School welcome inquiries from prospective students, training organisations, and industry partners.

Ardmore Flying School  Excellence in Pilot Training Since 1961

Ardmore Flying School has been a leader in pilot training for over 60 years, renowned for its
commitment to excellence. The school is globally recognised for maintaining high standards
in its flight training programs, providing students with a solid foundation in aviation theory and essential pilot skills. With international acclaim, having trained over 22,000 students, Ardmore Flying School attracts students worldwide preparing graduates to be skilled and confident pilots from commercial airline to private flying training. The school's lasting legacy and dedication to excellence contribute to shaping the future of the aviation industry.

Contract Aircrew Training Committed to Quality

Contract Aircrew Training was recognised for courses approved by regulatory bodies like NZCAA, CASA, CAAF etc. The Conair courses cover diverse areas such as Aviation Security Awareness, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Dangerous Goods Awareness, Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO), Human Factors for various roles, Noise Abatement Awareness, and specialised briefs for specific airports.

The Conair Aviation Industry Training courses are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of aviation professionals, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and fostering a high standard of safety within the industry. With a commitment to providing quality training, Conair's courses were accessible online, allowing participants to conveniently engage in learning and stay updated with industry standards. The transition to Stoneybrook will be seamless for existing Contract Aircrew customers, ensuring they continue to benefit from high standards of instruction.

Our Team

Ian Matheson

Ian Matheson founded Stoneybrook Training in 2002 when he was asked to lecture ATPL law to Air New Zealand’s contract pilots from the United Kingdom. Ian has been in the aviation industry for over thirty years as an instructor, air ambulance pilot, corporate pilot and commercial pilot. He has over 14,000 hours flying experience on both corporate jets and commercial airliners. There are not many countries in the world that Ian has not landed a jet into.

Alastair Bax

Alastair Bax is a retired Boeing 737  Check and training captain with over 40 years experience and 23,000 hours flying. Al started his career as a flying instructor (Cat B and D) and charter pilot, then flew multi engine IFR for a third level airline before joining Ansett in 1988.  He has been involved in classroom teaching at various times over the years and has built many of the web based courses for Contract Aircrew Training. Al spent the last few years in the airline as a Simulator Check Captain.

Flying Schools & Training Providers

If you are a Flying School or Aviation Training Organisation, we can help you simplify and streamline your business.  The demand for aviation theory training within individual training organisations is steadily increasing.  We understand that pilot theory is just one part of what you offer, and this is what we specialise in.  We can help you deliver your own customised online pilot theory courses, where your students can enrol in our courses as if they are yours, logging in and interacting with a branded interface that matches your organisation. Our system is super easy to administer (or we can do it for you); by outsourcing the theory component, you free yourself up to focus on the flight training. Your students benefit by being able to access superior course material at any time, allowing them to learn independently as well as participate in normal classroom activities.  


Our costs are extremely competitive. You have the choice to charge any additional administrative fees should you wish. Stoneybrook training monitors all NZCAA syllabus and will update any changes at no charge to you. Our material is comprehensively researched and constantly evolving to meet the latest requirements, and we are continuously updating and adding to our extensive sample question database. 

Customisable Web Based Courseware

Stoneybrook uses proprietary software designed by ADS Courseware specifically designed for delivering quality pilot training solutions. Stoneybrook offer a complete business solution that allows you to administer web-based training courses via the internet, or through your company intranet, using a customised interface. Your trainees will be able to login and interact with courses that have the look and feel of your organisation.  Stoneybrook's web-based pilot theory courses allow students to study at their own pace, in your classrooms, or at home, on their own devices, with your instructors available to assist when required.


Our system offers a range of built-in reporting features, including course access monitoring and exam auditing. Stoneybrook can help your organisation grow and prosper in the field of pilot training.

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  • Who is using the Stoneybrook courses?
    A mix of domestic students and international students are currently completing our courses.
  • Can I use my existing course notes and sample exams to add to your course?
    Our notes and exams are very comprehensive and cover the Part 61 syllabi, however we are also open to incorporating your existing course notes and sample papers.
  • Can I see the courses before I sign up to your service?
    Certainly. Please contact us to arrange access to sample a course.
  • Can I charge my students more than your course costs?
    You are welcome to charge an administration fee or it can be incorporated as the student enrols. They will use your customised login and your prices will appear, or you can enrol them yourself and we will invoice you.
  • What if the syllabus changes?
    Stoneybrook training monitors all NZCAA syllabi and will update any changes at no charge to you.
  • I’m just a small flying school - can I use your services?
    Anyone can use our services to provide professional training material
  • Will I need to purchase computers for my students to complete these courses?
    To complete these courses, an Internet connection and a device are required. Most students have access to their own devices and will be able to complete these courses at home or in your classroom.
  • How do you keep on top of the ASL question database?
    We ask for feedback from students when they sit the ASL exams and add questions to our ever-expanding database. Comments from students who have sat actual ASL exams are that our questions are very similar.
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